3 Important Things I Learned From Build Your Business Events by Pru Life UK

My very own Unit Manager, Ms. Lani Robles (second from left), as she
shares her own experiences as a financial consultant to the other aspiring
financial consultants during the last BYB Event at Intercontinental
Hotel in Makati City on July 21, 2014

I am only about 2 months old as a financial consultant in Pru Life UK but I have already discovered the 3
important lessons that recur every time I attend Pru Life UK’s Build Your Business (BYB) events. It’s amazing how the message of the whole event remains consistent every week without sacrificing the “freshness” of the ideas being presented in order to fit the weekly target audience. Kudos to the team that holds the regular BYB meetings! Below are the 3 things I learned from the event.

1. Anyone can become a successful financial consultant.

From fresh grads to young professionals seeking fulfillment in their work, from executives earning 6-digit paychecks per month to entrepreneurs drowning in debt, there is one big message that the BYB event has for all its attendees — anyone can become a successful financial consultant. During my first day of training as a rookie, I have heard about the story of a former “kargador” who became a successful financial consultant. It was said that he underwent the same training we all underwent and took the same exam we all took. The only difference is that he failed in the exam thrice. During the fourth attempt, he was able to finally make it. The former “kargador” is now a successful Unit Manager in Pru Life UK.

What, now, is your excuse?

2. The rewards for being a successful financial consultant are unmatched.

I used to work for a large multinational company that pioneered one of the early models of multilevel marketing. Companies in this industry are known for their unlimited earning opportunities and generous incentive trips. But when I discovered about the rewards in Pru Life UK, my jaw dropped. Below is the list of some of the rewards a financial consultant may enjoy in Pru Life UK.

  • Weekly commissions
  • Overrides from recruits’ commissions
  • 6-8 international travel opportunities
  • Opportunity to be published in major broadsheets

Let it be known that these are just some of the rewards being given at the corporate level. This means that your branch and unit may have a separate reward system for you. I tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

3. Financial consultancy is not just about selling insurance policies. It’s about changing lives.

More than the extrinsic rewards of being a financial consultant, the intrinsic rewards also abound. There is a recurring statement that all successful financial consultants say as they are being interviewed during BYB events — financial consultancy is about changing lives.

As a financial consultant, you do not only change the lives of your clients and fellow teammates. Your own life also changes as you go along. It was said that others may bring flowers to the bereaved family during the death of a loved one but a financial consultant is the bringer of hope to help the family start a new life again.

As a financial consultant, you may also have the chance to change the lives of your teammates and recruits as you share to them the rewards of the job.

Underlying all these opportunities is the opportunity for your life to be changed in the process as well. In my first few weeks as rookie agent, I learned how to dream again; develop patience and hard work; and seek a new heart that longs to be of service to other people.

I am definitely looking forward to attend more BYB events in the future.
If you are interested to become a financial consultant and/or attend a BYB event, contact me via 0998-367-0545.

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