3 Important Things I Learned From My Senior Financial Consultant Teammates

(L-R) Jolly, Iris, Ms. Jhett, Me, Ms Camille, Eric, Ms. Lani,
Dar, Karen, Camille and Trish

Camille and Jolly are Senior Financial Consultants in my own team. It means they are ahead than me in years in Pru Life UK. While I was still barely on my first month, the two are already on their third and fourth years. They are living proofs that the career that I have chosen to pursue for the rest of my life is very promising.

Earlier, we had a quick chat over my second sale. They congratulated me and spoke words of wisdom that they acquired throughout the years of becoming Financial Consultants in Pru Life UK. They also shared the things that they learned from the MDRT training they attended that morning. (MDRT or Million Dollar Round Table is one of the highest honors being conferred to top insurance agents all over the world.)

These are my three best takeaways from that quick chat with my two inspiring teammates.

1. Focus on your daily habits far more than the rewards of the job.

The work of a Financial Consultant is very rewarding in the real sense of the word. In fact, I highly recommend it achievement-driven people. When I say rewards, I am not only talking of the extrinsic rewards such as commissions, incentive trips, recognition and others. The work of a Financial Consultant is also filled with intrinsic rewards such as making a difference in the lives of others.

Camille and Jolly told me that despite the many rewards of the job, we must not forget the foundation that we needed to step on in order to reach those rewards. The habits that we form everyday, they said, will form the foundation that will become the stepping stone of our success in this job. They said that the rewards are the fruits of our habits. If we form the right foundation, the fruits will follow. I agree to them.

2. Don’t even think about giving up.

Challenges will certainly to come. These happen to everyone, not just to Financial Consultants. But the first ones to embrace the challenges are the first ones to move on and finish the race. The challenges are there not to make us surrender but to make us stronger.

Jolly’s story is on my head while I was writing this. She had actually given up and said her goodbyes to her teammates last 2011 for not having delivered the minimum sales required to keep her license as an insurance agent. But our Unit Manager and Branch Manager did not give up on her. With only a few hours left before the cut-off for the year 2011, Jolly was able to close a sale and was able to submit it. That sale allowed her to keep her license as an insurance agent. Today, Jolly is one of the top agents in our team.

What if our Unit Manager gave up on her? It will be very unfortunate to not have Jolly in our team right now. So don’t even think about giving up. That’s what I learned from Jolly’s story. And even if I give up, my teammates in Alexandrite 1 will definitely not give up on me just like what they did to Jolly. I am very blessed to have become a part of this team.

3. Celebrate the small wins.

“Post your 200-peso worth of Starbucks Gift Certificate online!”, Camille reaffirmed that I was doing the right thing when I told them that I always make it a point to post my small wins on Facebook. It’s not about bragging (and there’s nothing much to brag about a 200-peso gift certificate). But that’s because we know that closing a single sale is never easy. A 200-peso gift certificate may look small but it meant so much more than that.

Celebrating small wins allows us to focus on the blessings rather than on the challenges. Surely, there can be too many challenges before you can even get a single blessing. But if you change your mindset about it, the challenges become part of the blessing as a whole. Having this kind of perspective is important especially to the ones who are just starting – so that they don’t give up. Celebrating the small wins helps us do just that.

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