3 Mind-blowing Ideas I Learned From Leader’s Protocol Training by Mr. Tinton Deveza

The King of Training on his throne.
Mr. Tinton Deveza did it once again. 
Fortunate enough to become part of his new training module called “Leader’s Protocol”, I found myself being moved by his mind-blowing ideas on what leadership should look like. The things that he taught us are completely new to me – things that I didn’t learn in business school. Really, I thank Sir Tinton for being the very man that he is – constantly on a lookout for new ideas that not only resound to him as a financial consultant for more than 30 years but ideas that are also very practical and are scientifically backed up. I thank him for putting up this wonderful module altogether. I just know that he “gave his everything” on this one for he himself will not be happy if he won’t give his all. Thank you, Sir Tinton, for moving us once again.

Below are the top 3 things from the module that I’d like to share with you.

1. Leave your people alone.

During one of the discussions, some managers opened up that they wanted to make time to coach their people one by one. Sir Tinton’s response astounded me, “It’s a waste of time.” His idea is very simple. Build a business with people who are self-directing and then leave them alone. Did we recruit good people so that we can all hold their hands through the business? No! We recruit self-directing people who can act independently and own their own businesses. Do we send them to trainings? Of course. If they are self-directing, they will might as well send themselves to further trainings. Do we answer their questions? Of course. If they are self-directing, they will have many questions but don’t spoon-feed them nor make them dependent on you. Build a business of leaders, not followers. Building a business with followers in the Personal Finance industry is a waste of time, money and effort on your side.

2. Don’t look for the outliers.

While we celebrate the achievements of the outliers – people who have attained the spectacular in the business – Sir Tinton said, “Don’t waste your time and effort looking for them.” I agree with him. We don’t look for outliers, outliers find us. But for them to find us, we must be faithful with our regular tasks. I, for example, consider one of my recruits as an outlier. Even though he has a full time job, he was able to close a policy (a P60K APE PAA) within two weeks. He is also very diligent in passing his Weekly Monitoring Form. I believe he is an outlier because he can do all these things even with a full time job and finishing his MBA. He is a real gem! But looking back, I realized that I did not proactively recruit him. He was the one who sent me a message that he wanted to become a financial consultant. So, you see, outliers are self-directing. They know what they want and they have the initiative. If you do your business well, they will come to you naturally. I believe, though, that there are many ways to attract the outliers. One of them is using blogging and social media, which is what I am doing now.

Right now, I am seriously thinking of creating my own training module in Blog and Social Media Marketing for Financial Consultants. Is it something that will interest you? Send me your thoughts via [email protected] or 0917-838-7545.

3. Mastery is painful.

Set your mind on this. If you want to become good in what you do, pursue mastery. And to master your craft, you don’t need to wait for 30 years. You can do it through constant practice in front of the mirror, through getting constant feedback from your trusted colleague and through regular monitoring of your daily activities. If you think mastery is just a walk in the park, think again. Mastery is actually painful. It requires grit and perseverance. If mastery doesn’t hurt, it will mean nothing. My ultimate lesson as a Rookie here is that I should readily embrace pain as part of the business. Every pain that I embrace must be considered as a stepping stone towards mastering this craft that I have chosen to myself – a financial consultant, a man from the Pru.

Thank you again, Sir Tinton, for the wisdom you shared with us! God bless you.

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