3 Tips For Part Time Financial Consultants

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1. Time management is not enough. Practice strategic timing. 

Strategic timing means deliberately pursuing the market whose schedule fits your time for the business.

As a real estate broker, I may not be locked in a 9 to 5 job but I still have 5pm onwards as my time set aside for Pru Life UK.

Because of this, I am left with the market whose free times only fall after 5pm .-They can be both day or night-shift employees..

I personally like clients from the BPO industry because they are the ones whose free times matches mine.

Because of this I deliberately pursued the BPO market and I made sure that my presentations will appeal to them strongly.

2. Location is king.

Having a full time job during the day shouldn’t stop us from meeting as many clients as we can during our free times.

The ideal number of clients to meet every single day is two.

Can a part-timer do this? Why not?

The secret lies in meeting as many clients as you can in a single location.

For example, you have clients in Makati. The best thing to do is to schedule them in a single date and venue.

Through this, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy and money that are usually spent in transferring from one location to another.

We all do know the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

I call this practice “Zoning” wherein every single day I have a pre-assigned location where I will “nest on”.

This had been proven to be effective and efficient for me.

3. Be a one-sit closer. 

Being a part-timer, there is no time waste.

This means that every client meeting is an opportunity to close the sale.

There is no more “second meeting”. Or time to give the client to “think about it”.

These things only make the client “colder” and lowers the rate of the possibility of closing the sale.

So the next time a client says “yes” to you for a meeting, take it as a signal that the client is open to whatever you are offering him/her.

So present your best sales pitch and close the sale as soon as possible!

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