3 Ways The Pru Power Planner Had Helped Me

1. Simplified monitoring of daily activities 

My plastic-covered business card with photo-labeled
Pru Power Planner says hello!

Any goal must be measurable, and anything measurable must be monitored on a regular basis.

The Pru Power Planner provided me an easy and simplified way of monitoring every single day the every single thing that I do that has a direct impact to the business.

Before the planner, I am simply let alone with myself and my ordinary dated planner that only contains appointments and to-do’s for the day.

It doesn’t give me a detailed list of what I may have missed doing which is why at times I am also left to wonder why I wasn’t able to close a sale when I was “half-sure” I have done everything that must be done.

With the Pru Power Planner, I am now able to know which particular step in the selling process I may have missed or needs improvement on so that I can objectively direct myself what to do next time and finally close that much-coveted sale.

2. More insights on how to improve more in each and every step of the sales process 

All closings start with one hello.

Since the Pru Power Planner enumerates all the steps in the sales process – approach, appointments made, fact finding interview/presentation, closed sale and referrals/prospecting – it is now much easier to draw insights on the steps that need improvement.

For example, an agent may have high points in approach, appointments made and fact-finding but is not closing any sale. The problem may be in the way he/she is selling the product itself.

This way, the Unit Manager or the Branch Manager may be able to easily diagnose the problem and provide suggestions for improvement.

3. Proved to me that small daily wins are superior to big wins simply because the former deals with the process more while the latter deals more on the rewards 

Great things start from small beginnings. Not only that, big achievements are simply collections of small ones.

If there is too much focus on the big awards, the tendency is to downplay the importance of the small daily wins that eventually lead to it.

Furthermore, if there is too much focus on the big awards, there will be less focus on the process – the same old boring strokes or the habits – which is what closes the sale.

It keeps me grounded knowing that the big awards are just part of the many sources of motivation while the process is what I have to deal with every single day as long as I am in this profession.

The Pru Power Planner helps me makes sure that I always have my both feet on the ground while I reach for the stars.

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