5 Reasons Why You Should Get An Insurance Policy Now

1. You can’t just have an insurance policy anytime you want. Death, disability and diseases waits for no one.

Forgive your insurance agent if he is too determined to offer an insurance policy to you. He is not just after the sale (though this one of the motivations of the job). He is in competition with 3 enemies – death, disability and diseases. When any of these enemies gets you (God forbid), your insurance agent won’t be able to offer the same policy to you anymore. These 3 enemies are exactly what your insurance agent is protecting you and your loved ones from. Sure he can’t prevent these enemies from coming after you, but at least he can do something to lessen the disastrous effects it can bring to you and to the people who loves you.

So if your insurance agent is too determined to offer the policy to you, thank him. He is just after your welfare. Instead of ignoring his calls and seen-zoning him on Facebook, talk to him how he can help you make the policy fit your current budget and future needs. Communication is the key. You know this full well.

2. Tuition fees are expected to increase exponentially in the next few years. You can’t just say sorry to your children if they turned out to be brilliant but you don’t have the money to send them to the best schools in the land.

In the next few years, the projected total tuition fees of selected Philippine colleges and universities for a 4-year course will reach millions of pesos. (If you want to see the figures, call me now via 0917-838-7545 and let’s talk.) If you plan to have your own family someday or maybe just support the education of your nephews and nieces in the future, you might wanna include the projections in your planning of your long-term goals.

3. Good investors begin with protection not properties.

I have a few friends who take pride in calling themselves “investors” because they bought condominium units and cars as “investments”. But a good financial planner will tell you that any good investment begins with protection in the form of insurance policies and other similar tools. Be guided.

4. Time flies so fast. You are nearer your retirement age than you think. Do not be a victim of late planning or lack thereof.

I am 26 years old while I was writing this post. Sadly, I don’t think that many people my age are aware that we only have 34 years before our senior year and that it will only be a breeze if we will only let time pass us by. The best time to start securing our retirement fund is now – while we are still insurable. I think that not too many of my peers know that once we are diagnosed with illnesses,it will be harder for us to avail of insurance policies. I will never forget the stories of people who turned down insurance policy offers in the past and then were diagnosed to be ill. No matter how much they wanted to get the insurance policies that was once offered to them, they were not insurable anymore.
5. We all want to accomplish many things before we reach our retirement age. The best time to plan for it is now.
Before we retire, most of us will say that we will want to give back to our parents and/or start our own families. But how can we actually assure that if (a) we are not prudently planning for it and (b) we have not actually saved anything substantial from the time we worked until now?

Thus, the best time to plan for those long-term goals is now. Investment can help you in building that dream house that you wish your parents to have while you are building the one that is meant for your own family. Talk to your insurance agent about your dreams.

To know more how can an insurance agent like me help you in achieving your long-term goals, contact me via 0998-367-0545. I will be more than happy to listen to you.

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