7 Perks of a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant

In my 2 months (update: now 3 years and counting!) of being a Financial Consultant under Pru Life UK, I am already resolved that this is one of the best jobs in the world. Five years ago before this stint, I have been doing Marketing. I love being a marketer and I’ll always be a marketer. In fact, my being a marketer made more sense to me when I became a Financial Consultant.

For the many times I have been asked by my friends what exactly I am doing now, I am writing this blog post to give them a general idea of the kind of perks I am enjoying. Towards the end of this blog post, I also enumerated the things needed to be done in order to get those perks. One thing’s for sure. All the hard work is worth it in exchange for all the rewards in store for a dedicated and passionate Financial Consultant. I may be just around 2 months in Pru but I already have had the taste of some of the rewards and every single day I find myself excited for what’s more in store for me.

Isn’t this the kind of feeling we all wanted towards our career?

How I suddenly shifted from being a marketer to becoming a Financial Consultant? I’ll be talking about it in a separate blog post soon. For now, allow me to introduce to you my job with the hope that this list will be able to convince you to become a part of our growing team in Pru Life UK.

1. Time freedom

I never thought that time freedom is that important for me. Before, all I know is that I just like this perk because I can’t be boxed in a 9-5 regular employee schedule. But when I met my Unit Manager, Ms. Lanie Robles, who back then was still a single mom and had to take care of a daughter who is special, I realized that time freedom is actually a minimum requirement for some people. To a single guy like me, this may look like just one of those additional perks. But for some, like in the case of single parents like my Unit Manager, time freedom is a must.

2. Location freedom

Yours truly during the 2016 Pru Life UK Day Awards.
It’s the Achiever’s Club Qualifying Member Award!

With location freedom, I meant that Financial Consultants have a say every single day on where they want to work. They can meet their clients at the their offices or in a café of their choice. Taking again the life of my Unit Manager as an example, I don’t know how her daughter can get daily therapy sessions if she’s stuck in an office and can’t just leave its premises anytime. For a single guy like me, of course, this perk is also a great one. This means I have the freedom to relax in a café or do some errands at the mall in between meetings.

3. Unlimited income opportunity

Unlimited income opportunity means there is no limit as to how much you can earn. Only you are the one who can dictate how much you want to receive per week. (Pru deposits commissions to its agents’ bank accounts on a weekly basis.) Of course, this income, just like any other kind of income, can’t just be earned overnight. But I can say that Pru is one of the most generous insurance companies when it comes to the commission rates for its agents.

4. Local and international travels

At first, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic agent about the travel perks in Pru. But as I go on with the business, I have come to realize that traveling can actually help me. Traveling to different places all around the world gives you the impression of becoming successful – someone who have “arrived”. And to become successful in this business, we are highly encouraged to project that kind of image to our clients. Our photos at famous places such as the Big Ben, Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa can become proofs of success that we can use to build credibility towards our clients and also to encourage others to become Financial Consultants like us.

5. Awards and recognition

I am resolved. If you are achievement-driven, competitive and passionate, you are meant to be in sales. The battle arena is made for you. Competition excites you. The idea of winning drives you. You know you are a star. And you know very well that stars are made to shine. You just can’t be limited with 9-5 desk jobs with fixed paychecks (nothing against this though). But you have a thirst for adventure. And you have potentials that remain untapped. If this is who you are, yes, you are made for sales. And the best sales job is, for me, that of a Financial Consultant. Be one of us. 🙂

6. Mission and commission

With my two direct recruits during the 2016 Pru Life UK Day Awards.
We are all awardees during that day. If you join my team, you will join a team
of winners. Let’s go!

You have always wanted to make a change in this world. But what stops you from pursuing this is the belief that jobs that fall into this category don’t usually pay well. But this is not always the case. Being a Financial Consultant allows you to do both – making a difference while earning money. First, by becoming a financial consultant itself means that you can add value to your clients’ lives by giving them sound financial advice. Second, you can eventually become an important part of your clients’ lives when you “service” them. This includes delivering the guaranteed amounts to them whenever they are qualified to receive one. They become qualified to receive an amount if they get sick, disabled or, God forbid, when they die. That is what insurance is all about. It is supplication for the insured and for his family. Third and last, it is always said that during a wake, people may bring flowers to the bereaved family but only a Financial Consultant brings the beacon of hope that will allow the family to begin a new life again.

7. Monthly promos

When I was still being invited to join Pru, I never thought that on top of the perks enumerated during the BYB Meeting that I attended, there are more promos being launched on a monthly basis to influence the behavior of the agents. Did you know that during the month of December in 2014, I won cash prize of P100,000 from a raffle promo for those who have sales during that month? That’s just one of the many monthly incentives from Pru Life UK!

Ready to take the challenge? Send your updated CV using the format below.

To: plukmarkdelgado at gmail dot com
Subject: Application for Pru Life UK Financial Consultant Post
Body: Please tell me why you want to become a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant.

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