7 Types of People Who Make Good Financial Consultants

1. The Influencer. In the technical sense, the work of a Financial Consultant is mainly about selling and recruiting. (In a deeper level though, being a Financial Consultant is about protecting and growing the income of their clients). If you have a friend who loves building relationships with people, actively recruit him. Do not be discouraged if he hesitates due to the technical side of the job. Tell him that those things can be learned. My Unit Manager who is already a member of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), one of the highest honors being conferred to insurance agents worldwide, is a former guidance counselor. Personally, I believe that Financial Management is for everyone and must be understood by everyone. Financial Management can definitely be learned.

2. The Achiever. If you know someone who is a high achiever, there is a fat chance that he will love the perks of being a Financial Consultant. Give him the list of all the possible rewards that he can get from Pru Life UK.

I consider myself as a person who loves having a sense of achievement and so far, the list of rewards for being a Financial Consultant is the most impressive one. Below are just some of the some of the many rewards being offered by Pru Life UK.

  • Fast Starter Club – You will have the chance to join this awesome group of achievers if you were able to close a sale during your first month.
  • Rookie of the Year – This award is being conferred to the “rookie” agent (agents who have worked for less than a year) who has the highest amount of sales for the year.
  • Agent of the Year  – This award is being conferred to the agent who have the highest amount of sales for the year.
  • Have your photo and name published in major broadsheets nationwide – This is being done annually in honor of the top agents of the company. 
  • Incentive trips – Each set of destinations has different mechanics but as I heard from my Unit Manager, she travels around the world around 6-8 times a year. Others are even availing of the cash equivalences of the trips already because the traveling opportunities are just way too many.
  • Weekly commissions – Commissions are being released weekly and it will continually increase as your sale and recruits increase.

These are just some of the many perks for being a Financial Consultant of Pru Life UK. There are indeed more! In my own unit alone, my Unit Manager gives away perks for every sale that we close. These perks are even separate from what our Branch Manager provides. Now, I’m speaking only for my own branch Alexandrite 1. Please don’t seek these perks in other branches as they have their own sets of reward systems.

3. The Wanderlust. I have heard about some agents who became Financial Consultants because of the many incentive trips. As I mentioned earlier, my Unit Manager travels around the world around 6-8 times a year. If you have a friend who will go crazy about this kind of incentive, invite him over to our Build Your Business (BYB) meeting every Monday at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City or every Thursday at Gloria Maris Restaurant in Greenhills. Both events start at exactly 6:00pm. Light meals shall be served too. To reserve your slot, call or text Mark Delgado of Alexandrite 1 via 0917-838-7545. (Note: Dates and venues are subject to changes every now and then.)

4. The Enterpreneur. Entrepreneurs are the salesmen, marketers, customer service representatives and accountants of their own businesses. If you have a friend who is an entrepreneur or a freelancer, convince him to become a Financial Consultant, even just as a part-timer. Pru Life UK offers unlimited income using limited capital. You only need to sell and to recruit. There’s no need to take care of the marketing, customer service and accounting functions of the business.

5. The Model Employee. Model employees who are underpaid deserve better. If you have a friend who is a star in the corporate world but is not contented with his bi-monthly paychecks, introduce the opportunity to him as a part-timer. You might as well send the link of this blog to him! Seriously, great employees deserve equally great compensation packages. Being a Financial Consultant will definitely help them attain that.

6. The Freeman. If you know someone who believes that there is a bigger world outside their 9-5 jobs, becoming a Financial Consultant can be for them. As a Financial Consultant, I have the freedom as to where I want to work and what time do I want to start and end my work. This opportunity is perfect for parents who would like to spend more time with their children and also for people who have many activities aside from their jobs.

7. The Teambuilder. If you have a friend who loves working with a team, Financial Consulting is for him. I am very fortunate to belong to a team whose passion, aside from serving their clients, is helping one another. We don’t need to compete with one another. We can do more if we will actually help one another. Only around 4% of Filipinos have insurance policies, we don’t need to compete with one another for the 96%. There are indeed tons of fish in the water! Eventually, Financial Consultants are to be promoted to become Unit Managers, Branch Managers and so on and so forth. The values that were instilled to us while we were still starting are the same values that we will pass on to our very own teams in the future.

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