Axis of Influence:One book you must read this year!

Two of my favorite authors are also people you probably know – Michael Lovas and his wife Pam Holloway. They are true thought leaders, and their new book is insightful – Axis of Influence: How Credibility and Likeability Intersect to Drive Success.

Michael and Pam are smart and extremely good at the psychology of making advisors more likeable and more credible. In their book, they teach you how to systematically improve both credibility and likeability.

In an era when so many books are filled with opinion and conjecture, Michael and Pam give you the psychology, the processes and the skills. And, thy they give you the research to substantiate their advice.

I believe Michael and Pam have written an essential book for every advisor who wants to achieve greater success, in personal life and professional life.

In addition, they are giving away $2,300 in Bonuses. You can get the details at: And, be sure to tell them I said Hello!

Buy this book! Your business needs it!

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