Branding Your Firm from the Inside Out: What You Must Know and Do to Win Market Share Now

Annette Bau, creator of the Millionaire Series, interviewed me for her Financial Advisor Summit – a virtual event that is airing in August on select days and times. I just found out that my recorded interview will ONLY be available FREE of charge TOMORROW, August 11th, 2010 between noon and 6:00 pm EDT.

My topic is:

Branding Your Firm from the Inside Out: What You Must Know and Do to Win Market Share Now

You will learn:

  • How to sharpen your brand and articulate your value in a clear, compelling way
  • Ways to gain access to worksheets and questionnaires that will help you clarify your value proposition and get everyone on your team “singing from the same hymn book”
  • What industry leaders have to say about the future of advice and the financial services industry
  • How to create an action plan based on expert advice from one of the industry’s most respected marketing consultants
  • How to understand branding – and why it’s important to your ongoing success – from the inside out

Annette says on the Financial Advisor Summit site: “Marie Swift is the CEO of Impact Communications. Her firm boasts a long and illustrious list of industry thought leaders, celebrities, and highly-successful advisors-all gleaned effortlessly through attraction-based marketing and PR strategies. She’s one of the top PR experts in the country, as well as an expert in public relations and marketing communication. She is hailed as the ‘Marketing Guru’ by the editors at Investment Advisor Magazine.”

If you go now to and register for the virtual event, they will send you information on how to access my recorded interview – which is available tomorrow only, between noon – 6:00 pm EDT for free. Please note that if you miss this free window of opportunity you can pay for the audio series and not only hear my interview but several others from world-class sales and marketing experts. It is important to note that I do not receive any royalties or revenue from any of the audio purchases you make on; I’m simply participating as a way to bring insights and value to the financial planning and investment advisory community.

I know this whole system is a bit confusing – as all things are when they are new to us – but give it a shot and let the conference organizers know what you think. I’m pretty sure my segment will contain a couple of good and inspiring ideas for you!

You can post comments for me HERE on my blog: and I’ll respond here.

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