EstateLogic – a Powerful Tool to Build Client Relationships

Just learned about EstateLogic, a wonderful new system that allows people to organize their lives online. It’s a “virtual safe deposit vault” that can help you and your clients organize and archive critical information in the right way, across the Four Categories of Estate and Legacy Preparation:

Estate Documents: Wills, powers of attorney, trusts, medical directives, birth certificates, marriage licenses and other important papers
Financial Catalog: Financial assets, liabilities, properties, collectibles, contracts, preferences on planned giving, etc.
Family Legacy: Stories, pictures, videos, heirlooms, ancestry information, key family contact information, and other important aspects about your heritage
My Instructions: Your preferences for continued dependent care, pet care, funeral instructions, along with personal values, and messages to be passed on to your family

Executor’s Resource was founded by long-time wealth manager and highly-respected financial planning practitioner Myra Salzer. Having taken the time to demo the system and try it out myself, all I can say is “wow!” Not only is this a great gift for loved ones (and for ourselves) but it is a great client conversation starter – and a great client gift. They even have a whole marketing program for financial advisors to use in their marketing communications plan. Do yourself a favor and go check it out –

Here are some ideas from the most recent edition of their “Smart Way” newsletter.

5 meaningful gifts for the holidays:

1. Trace your family tree and give copies to family members.

2. Create a family cook book of favorite recipes.

3. Get out old family photos and design a coffee table style picture book. Identify who is in each picture and provide captions and descriptions.

4. Write a short letter to your loved ones about why they make your life special.

5. Give a new, blank journal to each family member for use in 2010.

What will you pass on?

What will your legacy be? You needn’t be famous to have one. Each of us has a story worth celebrating and preserving. The key is to start collecting memories and thoughts now. Executors Resource provides an actionable “how to” in “What will you pass on?”. Login to access this and other unbiased, professionally written content in the EstateLogic Resource Center Library.

Record your legacy one memory at a time:

No more postponing! Here’s how to record your legacy one memory at a time.

1. Login to EstateLogic.

2. Click on the Family Legacy tab.

3. Under the Quick Links menu, click Add Family Story.

4. In the title, type “My favorite childhood holiday memory.”

5. In the body, type in the first things that come to mind when you think of the holidays and growing up. Was there a specific tradition your family had? Are there favorite foods, people, special songs, or one holiday season in particular that takes you back? Simply write about it!

6. When you’ve completed your entry, click “Save”. Remember, it doesn’t have to be lengthy or perfect. The beauty of your EstateLogic account is that you can come back in and update your entry at any time. What’s important is recording your memories – your legacy.

With EstateLogic, it’s quick and easy to have a well-organized estate and a lasting legacy.

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