Join the Social Media Revolution – New Video and Book

Brand new updated #Socialnomics video from @EQualman. Check it out! Also highly recommend the book: (thanks to Michael Kitces for bringing this to my attention on Facebook).

Advisors, if you’ve been dragging your feet, better get on board.

  1. Skim this blog for more ideas. 
  2. Use the Gap Analysis Tool to assess your progress on the Online Continuum. 
  3. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  4. Scour the Marketing Maven article archive on Financial Planning magazine’s website. 
  5. Look for me at the Barron’s Top Women Advisors Conference, T3 Technology Tools Conference, TD Ameritrade Institutional Conference, and other industry conferences TBD in the near future. 

Let’s talk – in person or virtually, it’s all good.

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