My Top 5 Takeaways from Pru Life UK Alexandrite Branch Midyear Planning 2014

My very own unit, Team Lani, as we all try to fit in
Instagram frame during the recently concluded
Alexandrite Branch Midyear Planning 2014
Last July 12, 2014, the Alexandrite branch of Pru Life UK held their Midyear Planning 2014 at the AIM Conference Center in Makati City. It was attended by all the Financial Consultants of the branch. It was the very first big event I ever attended as a Financial Consultant of Pru. I would say that it made me feel more confident and proud of the company, branch and unit where I belong. I am only barely over a month in the business and I felt very thankful to know more about Pru Life UK, Alexandrite branch and my very own unit, Team Lani, through this wonderful event.
Below are my top 5 takeaways from the event. I hope that you, may you be an aspiring Financial Consultant or a client looking for a Financial Consultant, find this blog helpful in your decision-making .
1. Successful Financial Consultants believe that what they do make a huge difference in the lives of others.

There is one thing common among the many speakers who talked during the event. They all believe that their job as Financial Consultants allow them to make a difference in the lives of others. They said that during wakes, people bring flowers and condolences to the bereaved family but a Financial Consultant brings the “beacon of hope” that will help the family start a new life again. The same is true during times of terrible diseases and great needs. Because of them, I realized that Financial Consultants have a very unique role to play in the lives of others that one can’t just succeed in this business if he doesn’t have the heart to make a difference in the lives of others. 
2. We are actually friends with other insurance companies that we invite their Financial Consultants as speakers in our events.

The guest speakers during the event are from First Life and Manulife. As a rookie, I was astounded by the fact that we can actually invite speakers from other insurance companies during important events like this. Not so many companies do this and it made me glad that I am in this industry. 
I remember what my Unit Manager, Ms. Lani Robles, had always taught us, “Our competitors are not the other insurance companies. Our competitors are death, diseases and disability. Our mission is to get to our clients first before these enemies get them.”

3. Financial Consulting is the most rewarding job ever – both intrinsically and extrinsically.

One speaker said that if you are a person who loves rewards, financial consulting is the best job for you. I totally agree with him. 
It had only been a month since I joined Pru Life UK but I have never experienced being rewarded like what I have experienced here. In just closing a single policy alone, I have received so many gift certificates and cash incentives already. Those rewards are still on top of my commission from that very sale. Every month, Pru Life UK and the different branches under it implement various ways to excite their Financial Consultants by giving them rewards for different achievements.

4. Alexandrite may be small but it is among the top performing branches of Pru Life UK.

I am very honored to belong to the group that is among the top performing branches in Pru Life UK. This is despite being relatively smaller in terms of manpower. I have seen the figures myself and numbers don’t lie. The average age of the agents in Alexandrite is also very impressive – around 25 years old. I honor my Branch Manager, Mr. Henson Tan, for leading us to the right way.
5. Team Lani (the unit where I belong) may be small but is among the top performing units in Alexandrite branch.

Within the Alexandrite branch, I belong to a very small team led by Ms. Lani Robles. We are only around 40 agents and only 12 of us are doing the business full time. To be hailed as one of the top performing units in the whole Alexandrite branch is no small feat. During the event, I am very proud to say the 2 of the 3 selected agents who were honored and given the privilege to speak are from my very own unit. Ms. Karen Romero is hailed as the Top Recruiter for the first half of 2014 while Ms. Jhett Tolentino is the Top Agent. To say that I am “amazed” is an understatement. 
I am looking forward to seeing more achievements from Alexandrite and from my very own unit in the next Planning Session this coming October 2014!
To God be the glory!
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