Twitter Live! with Thought Leaders at FPA Anaheim 2009

Eric Rasmussen, a reporter for Financial Advisor magazine, called me the other day to find out about the session I hosted at FPA Anaheim 2009 called Twitter Live! with 20 Industry Thought Leaders.

Here is the part of his article that relates to the Twitter Live! session:

During the conference itself, the FPA also tried to keep its members up to date on social and technology trends with a presentation called “Twitter Live!” in which industry stars twittered their key thoughts about advising for 2010.

“They wanted to create a sense of connectedness with those who could not be at the conference and/or those who could not attend every session,” said Marie Swift, a communications specialist and president of Impact Communications in Leawood, Kan., who hosted the “Twitter Live!” event.

Read the rest of the article here:

New to Twitter? Set up a free account at If your compliance department does not allow you to use Twitter to conduct outbound communications, keep in mind that you don’t have to post (or “tweet” as it’s called) to “follow” people and organizations.

When you sign up, search for people you know using the “people search” function, then click “follow”. Twitter will consolidate all of their Twitter feeds onto your Twitter personal page. You can “protect” your Twitter page so only certain people (or no one) can follow you (and there wouldn’t be any Twitter feeds from you if you don’t post any).

If you want to follow me, type in marie swift. My Twitter “handle” is @marieswift (

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