Why Are Insurance Products Not Sexy? (And Why It's Okay)

Insurance products are not yet this sexy. But’s alright. 🙂

Investment-linked life insurance policies are awesome products.

First, they have coverages for death, disability, critical illnesses, personal accidents, hospitalization and etc. Gone are the days that a client need to buy these coverages separately.

Today, you can now choose what coverages you want (except for death and disability insurances which are core benefits in Pru Life UK) and even dictate the amount of each one — in just a single policy!

Second, the payments per month or per quarter or semi-annually or annually (depending on how frequent you want to pay) do not change. Gone are the days that insurance premiums need increase annually.

Not only that. You can even dictate how much you want to pay per month, per quarter, semi-annually or annually!

Third, it has an investment component which are invested on stocks or bonds — or both. Again, your call. In here, no investments are “wasted” unlike traditional insurance policies which don’t have this component (except for some that offer dividends).

These are just some of the many compelling reasons why I like investment-linked life insurance policies and why I became a seller of it.

However, in my almost two years of being an insurance agent, I still wonder why people my age (and even those who are older than me) won’t buy investment-linked life insurance policies.

I mean, everybody needs it right?

Yeah, right.

So why is everyone not as crazy as I am about it?

Why are people not rushing to get it as much as they rush to upgrade their few-month-old gadgets (which they also used to replace their previous ones which are only barely used for a year)?

Why can’t life insurance products be sexy?


I get it.

It can’t be sexy.

Life insurance talks about the hard stuffs. It talks about death, disability, critical illnesses, personal accidents and hospitalization. People don’t like these “stuffs”.

And investing one’s money in exchange of the things that can be bought “now” — no way! I mean, who does that?

Then I realized — and decided to accept — that maybe insurance products aren’t really just for all. It may be needed by everyone but it’s just not for everyone.

The sooner I accepted this, the sooner I felt peace.

I also realized, I don’t need to sell to everybody. In fact, it’s impossible sell to everybody.

I also don’t need to change everybody’s mindset about it. If insurances are really good — they will eventually find out.

So what am I left now?

I am now left with two groups of people — the ones who believe in it and the ones who are still undecided about it.

The ones who believe in it still needs some talking. First, they need to know why they should buy from you. And second, why they should buy the insurance you sell.

The undecided ones, on the other hand, need to be converted to believers first. First, identify their needs. Second, establish how your insurance products can fill those needs. Then follow the steps you did to the believers.

Thinking of converting the whole world to see insurance as a sexy product? You don’t need to.

You only need to identify a few ones who are worth your time, energy and financial resources. Choose your battle.

While there are few unbelievers who can be converted along the way, still, they aren’t be your primary market.

Your primary market are the ones who have bigger chances of being won over by you.

Focusing on a primary market produces mastery. Mastery is power. Power yields success.

May you find your sweet spot in the industry and may you continue the endeavor to help others become financially protected.

God be with you always.

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