Your Ultimate Guide To Securing Your PRC Exam Permit (For Real Estate Board Exam)

Photo 1 — This blog is dedicated to Mommy Marilou who
warmly assisted us during our “exam permit day” at PRC.
For your notarization, photocopying and ID picture needs,
just  look for her. Their stall is located on leftmost side
facing PRC — the one on the side of FEU.

TIP: Notary Public fee at her stall is Php50.

This is an ultra-detailed step-by-step guide complete with photos and tips — to getting your Real Estate Board Exam Permit at PRC. Have fun!

And yes — you’re welcome. 🙂

1. Register online —

TIP: You might wanna do this early in the morning or late in the night. When there are too many people accessing this link — tendency is for the remaining users not to be able to load the site.

2. Complete ALL the requirements:

  • NBI Clearance – For PRC Purposes
  • NSO Birth Certificate
    • TIP: Some people say Passport ID is being allowed. For verification.
  • Review Center Certificate – With Doc Stamp bought at PRC Coop, Notarized
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) – For Board Examination Purposes, With photo
    • TIP: Some people say Diploma is not allowed anymore. For verification.
  • FOR MARRIED FEMALE ONLY – NSO Marriage Certificate
    Photo 2 — This is the window selling doc stamps at the
    ground floor. Do not buy doc stamps elsewhere! On the other side
    is the window selling PRC envelope.

  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula
  • ID Picture – White background, With your full name below (Surname, First Name, Middle Initial), 2 pcs.
3. Photocopy EVERYTHING above except the photos.
4. I also suggest that you bring the following before going to PRC.
  • Php900 — Exact amount for payment — just to avoid hassle in getting change
  • Others — Plastic envelope for the requirements above, black ballpen, glue stick, blue stamp pad, alcohol, tissue, fan, snacks, cold drinks, business cards and reviewers
  • Group mates — It’s better together –especially in times like this! What more if you have a gang of 4 awesome men like us? Just kidding. But seriously, I am not sure if I will be able to make it without the help of these awesome guys — Ryan, Tristan and Sugus. (Guys, thank you!) If you need to go to the comfort room, you can have someone to save your seat. If you need to clarify something, you can ask someone among you who readily has the answer. The list of benefits goes on and on. Just come with a friend — don’t be a loner. This business is about helping each other right?
  • Photo 3 — This is how the fourth floor at PRC looks like — at 9:00am.
    As the day unfolds, more and more people start to come in and
    the temperature starts to rise too. Better wisely pick your time
    of going to PRC.
  • DO NOT BRING HEAVY BAGS. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES — There’s a lot of moving around that’s gonna happen inside a crowded room! You have been warned. 🙂



Address: P. Paredes St. corner N. Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila

TIP: The whole process below took me around 3 hours — from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Photo 4 — If you don’t like how this looks like, better bring
 your own glue stick and blue stamp pad —
along with your alcohol and tissue to clean your
fingertips afterwards.


1. Buy 2 pcs. Doc Stamps and 1 pc. PRC envelope.

WARNING: Do not buy doc stamps and envelope outside PRC. These are considered fake ones.

2. Glue 1 pc. Doc Stamp on your Review Center Certificate.

3. Proceed to PRC FOURTH FLOOR. 


1. Drop 1 pc. ID Picture inside one of the open boxes. That’s it!

2. Proceed to STEP 2 — PROCESSING.


1. Line up and prepare all the original copies and photocopies of all the requirements listed above.

TIP: This process is the one that will take most of your time. I say, grab your sandwich and bottled drink — and then start munching. If you feel like talking to the one next to you, take out your business card. If you are in the zone for reviewing, that would be awesome too! 

Photo 5 — This is my information sheet with doc stamp.

2. Once you are in front of one of the windows, hand all your papers to the attendant. Once done, the attendant will give you your INFORMATION SHEET (with photocopy of requirements) & PERMANENT EXAMINATION AND REGISTRATION RECORD CARD. 

At the window, there’s also a separate sheet — a control sheet — for all the issued record cards. The attendant will ask you to register on it using the control number on your record card.

TIP: Accomplish the control sheet first — before the information sheet & record card.

3. Accomplish your INFORMATION SHEET & RECORD CARD. Using the tips below.

a. Glue 1 pc. Doc Stamp on the left hand side of the sheet. See Photo 5.
b. Affix your signature and then write the date.
c. Place your right thumb mark on the space provided.

Photo 6 — This is my record card with my thumbmark
and signature.

a. Fill out the information needed. See Photo 6.
b. Affix your signature on the space provided.
c. Place your right thumb mark on the space provided.

TIPS: Accomplish the thumbmarks last — as the ink may smear on the papers. 

Also, have your Cedula ready with you as the details therein shall be needed for the record card.

Lastly, if you have corrections on the information sheet & record card, just correct it neatly. No need for your initials/signatures.

4. Once done, proceed to STEP 3 — PAYMENT.


Photo 7 — This is my Notice of Admission (NOA).
This is your goal for the day.

1. Prepare the exact amount — Php900 — to avoid the hassle.

2. Once you get your receipt, proceed to STEP 4 – ISSUANCE.


1. Present your accomplished information sheet, record card, receipt and PRC envelope to the attendant at the window.
2. Wait for your name to be called and your NOTICE OF ADMISSION (NOA) shall be given to you.
3. Congratulations! You are done! See you on May 24, 2015 — to my fellow real estate board examinees this year. 🙂 God bless you!

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